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In the first year of the scheme, we were approached by Steve Carrie, a passionate angler, who runs several companies that specialise in the recycling of various waste materials including the Maltings Organic Treatment Ltd. They were working on a process to utilise many of those plastics that were generally seen as ‘unrecyclable’ and suggested that the fishing line would be easily combined into this. Following on from development of the process he launched ReFactory, which turns the plastic waste into a useable format that can be transformed into various items.

Completing the circle

ReFactory specialise in handling those plastics that many other recyclers wont deal with. These include items such as black food trays, cosmetic and homecare packaging that are contaminated with food waste or still have foils and labels attached. From an anglers point of view this means there is a route for recycling plastic spools, fishing line and braids along with small plastic tackle items and single use packaging that so much of our tackle comes in. The innovative process, which can be seen in the video below, also allows Items like partially degraded or dirty plastics from waterways, canals, seas, lakes rivers or found in clean ups of verges, fields to go into the manufacture of new usable recycled plastic based products. In early 2022 a 4-year long idea come into being in that there is now an angling related product made from the old monofilament line that has been collected through the scheme. After much work by Steve Carrie, ReFactory, Waterhaul and DNA Baits the SightLine polarised fishing glasses were launched. The frames are made from 40% monofilament and 60% commercial net material so sourced from 100% recycled materials. The glasses are finished with fantastic quality polarised glass lenses made in Italy. The SightLine glasses are available from the DNA baits website link below and in a great gesture DNA are donating £5.00 from each pair sold to the ANLRS.

For more information and to see what they produce from your old line and plastics head to ReFactory

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