From an angler fishing their favourite venue, whether that be salt or freshwater, to an owner of a large tackle manufacturer everyone can do their bit to support the scheme and get involved.

Want to support the scheme beyond recycling your line…… Why not donate to help us spread the word? Every penny donated will be used to move the scheme forward and will not go on wages as it is run by volunteers.


Collect all your old waste line from when you respool your reels, make rigs or go fishing and take it along to your local tackle shop that has signed up to the scheme. Several fisheries are also placing bins on their venues so keep an eye out for the ANLRS logo appearing near you.

Soon there will be ANLRS envelopes available through retail outlets as well, so you can send the line straight back to us when you re-spool your reels.

A list of ANLRS recycling locations can be found HERE


The more recycling points around the UK the easier it is for anglers to send their line for recycling, so your support is vital.

Getting involved is straight forward by initially completing the Registration Form below and emailing it back to us.

Many businesses are offering anglers some form of incentive to bring old line in. This can be a discount on new line purchases, free spool stripping, free re-spooling or even a free cup of tea! This, however, is not compulsory to join the scheme.

All you need to do then is to purchase suitable bins for your shop or fishery, which can take nylon and braid separately. If you want to use a single bin, then we ask that braid is placed in an envelope or bag, so it can be sorted when it arrives with us.

Once we have received your registration we will send out sufficient bin stickers plus window decals if required. Your business will then be included on the website as a supporter and added to our list of recycling locations. Details of how we plan to collect the line from you will be sent with the stickers when they are sent out.

As people that deal with anglers daily, your promotion of the scheme is vital and always appreciated. This could be in the form of fliers, social media, websites or even including an advert in your membership books.


Involvement of manufacturers is essential in terms of support for the scheme and environmentally the whole industry needs to work together to recycle all the fishing line that we can.

We are encouraging tackle businesses to support the ANLRS in many ways. We have a minimum donation system for your business to join the scheme and will promote your support on our social media and website. The donation amount depends on your business size but of course if you feel the desire to support us beyond that it will be greatly received. For more information on this please get in contact.

There are many other ways that you can help the scheme beyond becoming a business supporter and we are always open to new ideas. A few ways you could support us include;

  • Promoting the ANLRS to your customers.

  • Using your social media to promote the scheme to anglers that follow you.

  • Could your reps collect line from shops they visit and then send it back to us?

  • Could you distribute recycling envelopes to your customers?

  • Would your company sponsor printing of fliers or stickers?