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What can I recycle?

At all the ANLRS bins we can take

  • Monofilament

  • Fluorocarbon

  • Braids

  • Fly Lines

  • Fly backing

  • Plastic Line Spools (both empty & part used)

  • Small plastic tackle items (beads, lead clips etc)

  • Single use Plastic packaging items

We can also take metal rig components such as hooks and swivels but ask that these are cut out of rigs and bagged separately for safety reasons.

Where can I recycle?

By Hand
There are hundreds of bins around the UK.

• Tackle Shop Recycling Bins - tackle shops have a bin where anglers can deposit waste line
• Fishery Recycling Points - placed at fishing venues so anglers can deposit waste line whilst fishing
• Coastal Bins – sited at numerous popular sea fishing venues and beaches

Simply take your old lines and other items mentioned above along to your nearest bin and drop it in. If you can place braid, backing or fly lines in a bag so it is easy to separate that would be appreciated.

To find your local bin head to the Bin Location Page

A lot of tackle shops offer incentives for customers bringing in items for recycling by the scheme. Please ask your local shop. These can be from a free cuppa, free respooling or discounts on new line.

Postal Returns

You can now send your line and other items to us at the following addresses;

Via Royal Mail
PO Box 96
Petworth GU28 8BU

Via Parcel couriers
12 Rosedene Close,
Brighton BN2 6LE

Please ensure it is securely packaged and that sufficient stamps are used to cover the postage.

Aptus Tackle are offering their online customers a postage paid return service of upto 250g for any manufacturers line, components and single use packaging. For more details, please visit

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