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Everyone that is involved with the ANLRS does it on a purely voluntary basis and no wages are involved. Every one of us has a passion for angling in its various forms and wants to put something back into angling along with improving the environment we all cherish as anglers.

Viv Shears

As a life-long angler, Viv can be found fishing for a huge variety of fish species from crucians in Surrey, bass along the South Coast to monster halibut in the fjords of Northern Norway. A graduate of Sparsholt College in 1995 Viv started his career as Fisheries Manager with RMC Angling creating and stocking many well-known fisheries during his five years there. In 2004, a return to Sparsholt saw him lecture for 11 years on fisheries management, practical fisheries construction and fish farming.
Over the past 25 years of fisheries work he has carried out numerous consultancy projects with customers across the UK and Europe advising on all aspects of fisheries development and management. In 2006, he started VS Fisheries with three partners and in the 13 years since, has developed the business to be the largest carp farming operation in the UK.
From 2000 until 2005 Viv was vice chairman of the English Carp Heritage Organisation (ECHO), where he secured trade support and funding to investigate Koi Herpes Virus in carp in a collaborative project with CEFAS. He has also sat on various groups such as the Fish Welfare Group and advised Government on fisheries policy both here and in Ireland. Viv is an active member of Local Independent Sea Anglers (LISA) and quickly recognised the importance of the line recycling project. His contacts, experience and knowledge across all aspects of fishing and fisheries have proved instrumental in the rapid growth of the ANLRS which he runs with fellow LISA member, Steve Tapp.

Steve Tapp

A keen angler for over 50 years, Steve has been involved in angling at grass roots level throughout. He served on Seaford Angling Clubs committee as its first Junior representative at the tender age of 13 and, during a 50 year association with the club, has served in various offices and delivered an ambitious project to dredge a local water. Liaising with the landowner, the local farmer he raised the money by successfully applying for a Sports Council grant and similarly, funding from the local Authority. Steve acted as banks man for the machine operator as the budget was so tight.

Returning, in later years, to Sea Angling as his main interest and, reacting to concerns by local sea anglers in Sussex, Steve is a co-founder and current Chair of Local Independent Sea Anglers (LISA). The organisation highlights and tackles issues relating to conservation, education and environmental issues in angling along with promoting junior participation in the sport.


Recognising the environmental issue of lost, discarded and the sheer volume of used fishing line going to landfill, Steve and LISA members on the South Coast raised funds for a scheme to explore the recycling of fishing line. LISA subsequently joined the Global Ghost Gear Initiative in late 2017, the first Angling Organisation in the world to become a member. Supported by the GGGI, he and fellow LISA member Viv Shears, formed the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme in March 2018.


Steve is also co-founder and Chair of the Shoreham Harbour Arms Community Organisation which was formed to work with the local Port Authority to preserve fishing on the local arms and currently serves as a member of the Recreational Sea Angling Partnership with the Sussex IFCA.

A successful career in retail sales and sales management coupled with his years of experience in local angling have proved invaluable in the development of the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme.

Paul 'Singy' Singleton

Paul Singleton, another LISA member who instantly recognised the importance of the scheme, is the inspiration behind the design and artwork for the ANLRS. Paul, knows the importance of consistent visual communication and has designed our logo, branding and all collateral, including adverts, flyers, display stands and social media communications. Having over 25 years of graphic design, animation, film and photography experience at some of the biggest marketing agencies in the UK he has been invaluable in pushing the scheme out to the masses. All the ANLRS work is done voluntarily in his own time.

Paul is no slouch on the angling front either, a true allrounder. Be it hunting tope and bass from the UK shores, hunting big pike and perch to targeting big carp in tricky waters and winning the all England squid fishing championship. Paul is also a committee member for Stoney and Friends and has helped raise over £500,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support through angling.

Steve Fantauzzi

Steve, of SF WEB Design, is the man behind the website and mapper system that allows people to identify where their local recycling points are. A man that doesn’t want too much credit but his work for the ANLRS has been invaluable.

Andy Beeman

Andy is a qualified level 2 coach for the Angling Trust and enjoys guiding people of all ages and abilities. As an avid angler of 25 years, you can usually find him on the banks of the rivers in west Yorkshire, lure fishing and, at other urban venues around the country.

He graduated from university in 2009, earning a degree in Applied Ecology. During his studies, it highlighted to Andy, just how much of an impact the damage humankind is making on our environment  and, now avidly joins us with his involvement in the National Line Recycling Scheme, something which he is extremely passionate about, along with other environmental projects.

Andy believes angling is greatly therapeutic and should be available to anyone and everyone who wishes to be introduced to, or further their skills in the sport. Angling, as a whole, can have a benefit on the environment when carried out in a proper and responsible manner. His whole ethos resonates to this belief.

Bill Brazier – ANLRS Republic of Ireland Coordinator

Based in southwest Ireland, Bill is a passionate life-long angler, happily targeting anything that swims in fresh or saltwater. An obsession with fish and the aquatic world began at a very early age and culminated in him graduating with a honours degree in Freshwater and Marine Biology from Galway-Mayo IT in 2010. Work as a freelance ecologist began soon after and this has now developed into a dynamic, varied (and very busy) career as an aquatic ecologist, specialising in fish and fisheries but also encapsulating ecological management, biodiversity and conservation. 

In 2015, realising the need for a more modern, all-inclusive Irish angling publication, Bill launched 'Off the Scale' magazine, Ireland's first dedicated, all-round digital angling publication. To date, the highly-respected magazine has seen no fewer than 27 issues featuring content from well over 100 writers - and all made (much to his own detriment!) freely available. With the unusual background of both science and angling media, Bill has always been acutely aware of the need for greater cooperation and understanding between his two worlds. Enter the ANLRS, which he saw from the outset as a fantastic opportunity to reduce angling's overall impact on the environment and wildlife. He is honoured to be the national coordinator for the scheme in the Republic of Ireland and tries to dedicate as much of his free time as possible to what he describes as "an exemplary cause for angling everywhere"


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